Gina Carano Reportedly Developing Her Own Star Wars-Type Project

Gina Carano

Gina Carano may have been fired by Lucasfilm, but she’s not allowing herself to be “cancelled.” Soon after Disney cut ties with her over controversial social media posts they described as “abhorrent and unacceptable,” the Deadpool actress announced that she had paired up with another divisive online figure, right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro, to write, produce, direct and star in a project for his Daily Wire website, which is looking to expand its entertainment division.

It seems that Shapiro and Carano have big plans, too, and also some ambitions to try and get back at Lucasfilm for snubbing the former MMA star. Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor on his Patreon page this week that Carano is working on making a Star Wars-like project of her own. That’s all we know about this for now, but presumably it would come out of her deal with Shapiro as the actress’ connections in mainstream Hollywood have dried up since her firing.

It’s likely that Lucasfilm doesn’t have anything to worry about here, then, as whatever sci-fi project Carano and Shapiro can cook up would likely have just a fraction of the budget of a Star Wars production. The Daily Wire’s films are also set to only be accessible to subscribers of the site, so it’s not like it’s going to be seen by a wide audience, either. Carano is certainly thinking big, though, you have to give her that, and she’s said to be working on a John Wick-style project, too.

Gina Carano has hit back at the studio for dismissing her the way they did, accusing them of bullying her and other actors employed by them. She’s also revealed that she wasn’t personally told of her firing, only finding out online along with everyone else. It’s currently unclear if her character Cara Dune will be recast in The Mandalorian going forward or if she’ll just be written out so Disney can try and forget this whole scandal ever happened, but expect to hear more on that soon.