Gina Carano Reveals Her First Post-Mandalorian Starring Role

Gina Carano hasn’t been too far removed from the headlines for a while now, dating back to well before she was fired from The Mandalorian. Up until the former MMA fighter’s frequently incendiary social media activity caused a string of online controversies, it looked as though she was set to play a key role in Star Wars‘ Disney Plus expansion.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Rangers of the New Republic was put on the back burner shortly after she was given her marching orders for crossing the line in the eyes of the Mouse House’s top brass, but she promised to come back stronger than ever before in the wake of her dismissal.

Carano has now settled on her first major project since exiting a galaxy far, far away, and she’ll be on familiar turf with an untitled action thriller that’s being scripted by The Hitcher and Near Dark‘s Eric Red. The movie is based on the scribe’s own novel White Knuckle, so there’s every chance that’s what it might end up being called.

The former Cara Dune is set to take top billing and produce the fast-paced genre film, which follows a woman who survives an attempted murder at the hands of a serial killing trucker known as White Knuckle. Haunted by her near-death experience and the inability of the authorities to catch her attacker, she teams up with another trucker to take matters into her own hands.

Shooting is expected to kick off in October with an eye to releasing in the first quarter of 2022, and conservative outlet The Daily Wire are also involved in the production, having agreed to partner with Carano before the dust had even settled on her departure from The Mandalorian.