First Godzilla Vs. Kong Reaction Calls It Epic And A Lot Of Fun

Godzilla vs. Kong

It’s been a long and winding road for Godzilla vs. Kong, one that’s involved extensive reshoots due to a poor initial test screening, multiple release date shuffles, a potential legal battle that was quickly resolved after production company Legendary were blocked from selling the distribution rights to Netflix and Warner Bros.’ most-watched trailer ever, but the epic showdown is now just over two weeks away.

The hype has been steadily building for months, and every new snippet we see from Adam Wingard’s MonsterVerse blockbuster only increases expectations. Nobody’s going in to Godzilla vs. Kong expecting high art, but all of the promos and TV spots have teased exactly the sort of city-levelling destruction and titanic tussles that audiences want to see from the two title characters.

The movie stands a real chance at resuscitating the stagnant box office, especially when fellow HBO Max debutants Wonder Woman 1984, The Little Things and Tom and Jerry all topped the domestic charts after their first weekend in theaters, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who said that a new Exorcist film is in the works – that Godzilla vs. Kong is exactly the movie everyone wants it to be.

We’re told that the action sequences are every bit as jaw-dropping as they are eye-popping, with Kong positioned as the hero of the story. As has been the case with the entirety of the MonsterVerse, though, the narrative and human characters are the least important parts of the movie by some distance, with barely a personality between them and a series of plot points only existing to tie the set pieces together. But the action itself is massive and epic in scale, to the extent that it demands to be seen on the biggest screen possible as it presents a lot of fun for viewers.

That’s exactly what we were hoping to hear, too, making it sound as though Godzilla vs. Kong is going to live up to its undoubted potential and promise, and we’re certainly curious to see where the MonsterVerse goes from here.