A Great Jason Statham Movie Is Blowing Up Netflix This Week

Jason Statham

No one can deny that Jason Statham has carved out a very comfortable niche for himself in Hollywood, and audiences always know what they’re going to get from a film if he’s got a starring role in it. Mind you, that’s not exactly a bad thing, and over the years, he’s become one of cinema’s most enjoyable action heroes, even if he can often be found playing what’s essentially the same part over and over again, in movies that are all pretty similar.

I mean, just ask someone to name a Jason Statham action thriller with a one-word title where he’s portraying a no-nonsense badass that gets dragged back a world he though he left behind, and proceeds to plow his way through an army of goons while barely taking a scratch, and you could get a number of answers. The point is, the man sticks to what he knows and in the case of Homefront, at least, that proved to be a wise decision.

Indeed, the 2013 actioner features Statham doing what he does best and ever since arriving on Netflix a few days ago, it’s been blowing up the platform. Currently, it’s the third most popular movie on the streaming site in the US and it’s also got a lot of people talking online.


For those unfamiliar with the pic – and it probably passed you by upon its theatrical release as it did fly a bit under the radar – it sees Statham as a former DEA agent who relocates to quiet town, hoping for a more peaceful life. But as is often the case in movies starring the actor, he’s soon pulled back into the action when a dangerous drug lord surfaces and starts making trouble.

Hardly groundbreaking stuff for the genre or Jason Statham, but it’s a perfectly enjoyable and well-crafted outing, with some strong performances and more than enough excitement. And if you haven’t yet seen it, you can catch it on Netflix right now.