Watch: HBO Max Releases New Justice League Snyder Cut Promo

Justice League

DC fans are still reeling from the major news that dropped yesterday: after almost two and a half years of waiting, Warner Bros. announced that the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League is coming. The director’s vision for the team-up DCEU film will be released on HBO Max at some point in 2021. It’s a bit too soon for a proper trailer, then, but the HBO Max official Twitter account has shared a special teaser for the movie online that celebrates the much-awaited news.

“On Wednesday, May 20, Zack Snyder hosted a watch party. He screened Man of Steel for thousands of fans. Zack surprised the audience with a special guest Henry Cavill. During a live Q&A, they answered fans’ biggest questions,” reads the text in the video.

Embedded up above, the promo shows off footage from the watch party, including Cavill’s surprise appearance, and helps us relive the moment they confirmed that the Snyder Cut was finally on its way, causing all the fans involved to lose their minds.

Of course, this was the news that everyone had been waiting for for years now. The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign has been dominating the superhero fandom for a long time and WB has finally listened. Obviously, those fans are now over the moon about this announcement, while the Justice League actors themselves are also thrilled, with many of them sharing their excitement and thanks to the fans on social media.

Snyder has already teased a lot of fresh material for his version of the movie, commenting to THR that only about “one-fourth” of what he had planned was shown in the theatrical cut. As such, his Justice League will be a mammoth experience – it will either be a four-hour long film or split into six “chapters.” It’s believed that WB has handed him between $20-30 million to finish the VFX, score and other post-production processes as well, meaning that he’ll have a good amount of backing to complete his vision and bring us the movie he always wanted us to see.