Henry Cavill And Jason Momoa React To Justice League Snyder Cut News

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

After literally years of writing about it, it’s very strange to be talking about the Snyder Cut of Justice League as a confirmed thing. Full credit to those who kept the fire burning for so many years, as I often had doubts that Warner Bros. would ever bow to fan pressure. But here we are, in a new Snyder Cut world where our questions have changed from “ifs” to “whens.” In the hours since the story broke, the internet heated up with discussion of the project, with #ReleasetheSnyderCut quickly becoming a global trending topic.

Over the evening, some of the stars of the movie began to chip in as well. Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg and had his role greatly diminished in the theatrical cut, took to Twitch to livestream his happiness, revealing that he thought Snyder was kidding him when he got a call saying the project was going ahead.

Henry Cavill – who was on the Man of Steel livestream when Snyder announced the news – made a post to Instagram as well, showing his Superman in the black and white Zack Snyder’s Justice League design (receiving almost a million likes in 12 hours).

Cavill also commented the following:

“Just had a little chat with Zack Snyder after a man of steel watch party. Ladies and Gents, it finally happened. The Snyder cut will be out next year! Now, I know there have been two camps over the whole Snyder Cut thing and whether it will ever happen for a while. Just remember, we all get to have more Justice League now, it’s a win win. So, be nice to each other ;). Big congratulations to you, Mr Snyder!”

Aquaman star Jason Momoa unsurprisingly joined in, too, posting the official promo pic for the project and commenting:

“WE WANT finally it’s happening. your welcome. justice served. all my aloha to everyone who made this happen. all the fans. we love you. ALOHA J”

Personally, I can’t wait to check out Zack Snyder’s Justice League. I thoroughly enjoyed the Man of Steel livestream yesterday and my opinion on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has improved drastically ever since I was convinced to watch the Ultimate Edition.

I doubt the new Justice League cut can ever live up to the stratospheric levels of hype, but I’m confident it’s going to be a stylish, great-looking superhero adventure. And hey, who can begrudge a director finally getting to fulfill their artistic vision? 2021 can’t come soon enough.