Henry Cavill says “time will tell” when it comes to James Bond

henry cavill

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a huge groundswell of support behind Henry Cavill becoming the next James Bond, and in virtually every regard he looks to be the perfect candidate on paper.

Recognizable name, but not quite at the tippy top of the A-list? Check. Looks good in a suit? Of course. Familiar with the rigors of intense action sequences? Definitely. Comfortable boarding a well-known property? Well, he’s played Superman, Sherlock Holmes and Geralt of Rivia, along with co-starring in a Mission: Impossible blockbuster opposite Tom Cruise, so that’s a yes.

If anything, he’s almost a little too perfect for 007, when you factor in that he also happens to be tall, jacked, handsome, a lifelong fan of the franchise and an actor that made it to the final two before Daniel Craig was cast in Casino Royale.

However, he’s always going to be near the top of the wish-list, and Cavill responded cryptically when asked by The Sunday Times if he had his eyes on slipping into the tux.

“Time will tell. You don’t know which direction they want to take Bond in and so I like to say that everything’s always on the table.”

Matthew Vaugh says Cavill was born to play James Bond, but could his previous spy experience in the filmmaker’s upcoming Argylle, Mission: Impossible and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. work against him, given that we’ve seen him do it before? Maybe, maybe not, but you can bet the internet would explode were he cast in the role.