Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Enola Holmes

Henry Cavill has had a super month (pun intended) thus far. The actor has reportedly signed on to play Superman in at least three more movies and is also starring in a recently released mystery flick that’s earned praised from critics and fans alike.

Yes, as you may’ve seen, Enola Holmes is currently the number one most-watched film on Netflix, thanks in no small part to the 37-year-old’s take on Sherlock. The internet fell in love with the idea of Cavill as the renowned investigator back when the trailer dropped earlier this year and it seems safe to say that he’s more than lived up to the hype. The feature currently holds a 91% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has fans online begging for a sequel.

The pic, based off a book series of the same name, revolves around the eponymous teen sister of star detective Sherlock Holmes. When the siblings’ mother goes missing, Enola is forced to use her sleuthing skills to uncover the truth behind the disappearance and help a runaway lord in the process.

Stranger Things alum Millie Bobby Brown stars in the titular role, alongside Cavill, Sam Claflin, Adeel Akhtar, Fiona Shaw, Frances de la Tour, Louis Partridge, Susie Wokoma and Helena Bonham Carter. Together, the cast manages to effortlessly move the story along and charm viewers while doing so. It’s currently unknown whether or not the successful feature will spawn a full franchise, but the film’s impressive debut certainly does help encourage the idea.

Tell us, though, do you think this detective caper is the instant classic that audiences are making it out to be, or do you feel the widespread acclaim is a bit too much? Sound off in the comments section with your thoughts.