Horror lovers hash out the best slasher movies of the decade so far

Horror fans debate slashers
Image: Blumhouse / A24

When it comes to horror, few subgenres have as much staying power as the slasher. Over the years the stories of a person with a knife and sometimes supernatural abilities targeting teenagers have been good, and bad, and, now fans are picking the best since 2020.

The question got sparked by the above post on Twitter which cites one original film, one fresh adaptation, and two legacy sequels produced in recent years. While some picked the above movies for their best, others went with more obscure work like a film from James Wan which features a wild twist, and some pretty crazy camerawork that set it apart from other movies in the same vein.

While current releases were popular picks, another person went against the grain and has chosen an upcoming film for the best of the bunch. In their view, the new work about a killer doll that has sparked a variety of memes is truly going to be a special bit.

For another, the current era also feels reminiscent of earlier times, too. Specifically, it is a bit like being back in the days of Ronald Reagan when works with Robert Englund, Doug Bradley, and others were regularly burning up cinemas with blood and bodies.

Whatever fans feel now, there will certainly be more to choose from in the future. Sequels in the Scream franchise are in development, more for Friday the 13th may come if the rights ever get sorted out, and, as many of these kinds of movies are cheap to make, audiences can expect more Halloween one day and there will always be independent folks hard at work on scares as well.