Hugh Jackman Congratulates Ryan Reynolds On Free Guy’s Successful Debut

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

If the movie business has taught Hollywood moguls anything, it’s that the debuts of films like Free Guy are hit-and-miss, which makes Ryan Reynolds’ new pic a welcome exception amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and one of the industry’s darker hours.

And when there’s talk of the Deadpool star, his BFF Hugh Jackman is bound to come up sooner or later. The two have been indulging in a fake “frenemy” feud since the days of filming 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, never passing up on an opportunity to make fun of one another, sometimes even taking advantage of the public attention to promote their projects or respective businesses.

It shouldn’t come off as much of a surprise, then, that the Logan actor also had a cameo role in Free Guy, appearing as a masked avatar in an alley to speak to Jodie Comer’s character early on in the film. Despite his small role, Jackman has taken the time to congratulate his buddy Reynolds on the movie’s success, writing in an Instagram story reel, “Thank you to all the artists and audiences who came together to make Free Guy such a surprise hit.”

Reynolds’ new flick not only managed to garner positive reviews from critics, a rarity in and of itself for a popcorn movie, it also went on to gross $28 million in its opening weekend, when in fact many experts had put the estimate somewhere between $15 to $17 million. The lead himself also confirmed that Sony is interested in developing a sequel, another indicator that the film has done well beyond expectations.

Have you had the chance to watch Free Guy, though? And if so, what were your thoughts? Sound off below.