Ryan Reynolds Credits His A-List Friends With Free Guy’s Success

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Box office chart-topper Free Guy was largely marketed and sold on the back of its high concept presence and the undeniable star power of Ryan Reynolds, but the leading man and producer isn’t rushing to take all of the credit for Shawn Levy’s video game-inspired blockbuster opening well above industry expectations.

As you’d expect from a project that’s so reliant on pop culture to drive its narrative, Free Guy features more than a few celebrity cameos, both obvious and very sneaky. Just some of Reynolds’ A-list buddies to either appear onscreen or lend their vocal talents to the movie include Channing Tatum, Tina Fey, John Krasinski, Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman and Chris Evans, the latter of whom sent the internet into meltdown with his incredulous response to a Captain America reference.

While Reynolds was heavily involved in every aspect of Free Guy, ranging from development and writing to scene-stealing and even recruitment, he’s more than happy to credit the success of the critically acclaimed action comedy to his bevvy of superstar buddies, as you can see below.

There isn’t a cynical bone in Free Guy‘s body, so Reynolds isn’t lying when he says it’s a movie all about friendship. Sure, there are some digs at consumer culture, the gaming community and Hollywood’s relentless desire to mine a valuable IP for all that it’s worth, but at the end of the day it boils down to a heartwarming reflection on making the best of what you’ve been given and sharing the experience with the people closest to you, even if it helps that Reynolds’ inner circle just so happens to include Black Adam, Wolverine and Captain America.