New Hunger Games Picture: Katniss Wields Her Bow And Arrow

A new photo from The Hunger Games has leaked, presenting Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) with her signature weapon: the bow and arrow. Judging by the bow’s fancy quality and Katniss’ nice clothes, this is most likely a still from her time spent in the games.

True – there really isn’t much going on in this photo, but seeing Katniss in her full Games-garb, using her infamous bow and arrow, definitely makes me more excited for the film. The Hunger Games has a release date of March 23, 2012, so expect a world of more promotional pictures like these.

You can also feast your eyes on some relatively new Hunger Games character posters here, and watch a teaser trailer here.

Now I’m just waiting for some action shots of the movie’s blondest, sweetest, most baker’s-son-ish contender, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), my personal favorite character. In truth, I couldn’t stand Peeta in the book. I just love Josh Hutcherson.

Check out the photo of Katniss below, courtesy of Moviehole, and let us know what you think.