Idris Elba Teases Upcoming Collaboration With Will Smith

idris elba will smith

There was a lot of initial confusion when James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad began casting, with early reports claiming that Idris Elba had signed on to replace Will Smith as Deadshot, before it was announced shortly afterwards that he would be playing Bloodsport instead.

Admittedly, you could have swapped one for the other and it wouldn’t have changed the movie in any significant fashion, but Elba cleared things up by confirming he was never in line for Floyd Lawton. Scheduling conflicts ruled Smith out of the R-rated blockbuster, but he did leave the door open to a return further down the line.

Fans would love to see Smith and Elba partner up in a third Suicide Squad movie should it happen, but the Luther star is teasing that an upcoming mystery collaboration is poised to be revealed imminently, as you can see below.

While the DCEU would be the number one choice for many fans, and it’ll no doubt generate plenty of rumors touting just that in the immediate future, it could literally be anything. They don’t have any shared projects announced as of yet on either side of the camera, but they’re both active producers and musicians as well as actors, so we couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what form of media the team-up will end up taking.