The Internet’s Going Crazy For Gerard Butler’s New Disaster Movie


Gerard Butler made his screen debut in 1997 period drama Mrs. Brown, but it wasn’t until the success of Zack Snyder’s 300 nearly a decade later that he finally found his niche in Hollywood at the complete opposite end of the genre spectrum. The heavily stylized comic book adaptation remains the biggest live-action box office hit of his career, but over the last little while, he’s carved out a reputation as a solid and dependable presence in the realm of the mid-budget action thriller.

For the most part, when you see Butler’s name attached to a movie, you know exactly what you’re going to get. While there’ve been some notable duds along the way such as Gods of Egypt, Geostorm and Hunter Killer, the 51 year-old can typically be relied on to deliver a gruffly charismatic performance in solidly enjoyable actioners that tend to do decent business at the box office.

His role as Mike Banning in the Has Fallen series gave him a franchise of his own, and fourth installment Night Has Fallen is in development as we speak with Angel director Ric Roman Waugh returning behind the camera. Meanwhile, the duo’s latest collaboration is gaining strong notices from fans and critics alike.

Greenland is a $35 million disaster thriller that finds a meteor hurdling towards Earth, forcing Butler to try and get his family to safety before the cataclysmic event happens. The movie hit VOD yesterday, and as you can see from the reactions below, people are getting a real kick out of it.


Greenland was released theatrically in Europe over the summer and pulled in close to $50 million, but it looks to be finding a much bigger audience now that the rest of the world has the opportunity to check it out and see Gerard Butler in top form.