James Gunn’s Misfits Assemble In New The Suicide Squad Photos

The Suicide Squad

David Ayer must be casting envious glances in James Gunn’s direction if the Fury director is tracking his successor’s progress on The Suicide Squad. Ayer’s take on the comic book team may have done big business at the box office, but reviews were less than kind, although a lot of that blame can’t be placed squarely at the filmmaker’s door.

Warner Bros. got cold feet about the darker and more nihilistic tone of Suicide Squad, even though that shouldn’t have come as a surprise based on literally everything else that he’s either written or directed, and went about lightening it up by commissioning two completely different edits. The Training Day scribe hasn’t been shy in admitting how heavily his vision was compromised, and even revealed that it made him feel incredibly guilty.

Not only does Gunn’s soft reboot look to be an altogether lighter and more entertaining affair, but the steward of the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy admitted that he was given complete creative freedom by Warner Bros. and DC, something that Ayer could only have dreamed of. Now, two new images from The Suicide Squad have made their way online, teasing what’s to come, and you can check them out below.

Another huge drawback of the focus being squarely placed on Gunn’s movie at the expense of Ayer’s is that there was a solid groundswell of momentum gathering behind the idea of him getting the Snyder Cut treatment and finally releasing his own version of the superhero blockbuster, but any and all talk looks to have tapered off now as excitement ramps up for The Suicide Squad, which is almost guaranteed to be a much more entertainingly raucous sequel.