Jason Blum teases that ‘Halloween Ends’ is nearing the finish line

Michael Myers against a fiery house backdrop
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The Halloween ‘requel’ trilogy has been a huge treat for horror fans and successfully reinvigorated the iconic franchise. It laid the template for how to breathe new life into a series with innumerable sequels by simply being a sequel to the first movie, with last year’s Halloween Kills upping the ante on the action and gore. Later this year Halloween Ends will arrive and early indications are that’s going to be a doozy.

The Halloween Ends shoot wrapped in early March and postproduction has been underway ever since. Now it seems the rough cut is complete as Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum tweeted that he has already watched the finished film.

Fans in the comments are demanding a trailer soon, though based on Halloween and Halloween Kills‘ marketing campaigns we won’t get a look at Myers’ next rampage until mid to late June this year.

Halloween Ends will see Jamie Lee Curtis in what may be her last performance as Laurie Strode. She’s been playing this role for more than four decades, returning each time to tangle with her homicidal adversary. However, the film’s title certainly sounds like a finale, so maybe she’s going to take Myers down by sacrificing herself in the process. Whatever the case, Curtis promises that the movie will “f**k you up”, which means we’re in for a treat.

But even if Laurie actually bites the dust, we doubt Myers will stay in the ground for long. After Ends, we might see this venerable franchise take a break for a few years, but time only serves to show you just can’t keep a good movie monster down.

Halloween Ends hits theaters on October 14.

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