Jeffrey Dean Morgan Still Wants To Play Flashpoint Batman

Flashpoint Batman

Back when Warner Bros. and DC Films were hiring actors to play Batman left, right and center, there was talk we could end up with anywhere up to five Caped Crusaders.

Robert Pattinson is headlining Matt Reeves’ reboot, with Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton suiting up for The Flash, and the Scarlet Speedster’s solo outing bringing back Tim Burton’s Dark Knight while introducing the multiverse led to widespread rumors that not only would it eventually lead to Batman Beyond, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan could return as the Flashpoint version of Thomas Wayne.

It’s not something the actor has shied away from, having reiterated on multiple occasions that he’d be down to suit up if the studio made the call. After appearing alongside The Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan as Batman’s parents in the opening credits of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it would even be official DCEU canon were it to happen.

As far as we know, neither Morgan nor Cohan are involved in The Flash, but in a new interview the actor once again signaled his desire to jump at the opportunity were it to come his way, and his onscreen wife and fellow murder victim in Gotham City’s Crime Alley is also on board with the idea.

“We have, Lauren and I have talked about that for years. I think her playing, I’d love to see her version come on. You never know. It’s true. You really never know with DC in particular, but everything is so kind of complicated within the SnyderVerse of it all. Unfortunately, but Lauren and I have made it clear and we’re doing it again now that version.”

It can’t be ruled out given the limitless possibilities of the multiverse, and Morgan is hardly averse to a comic book adaptation or two having previously lent his talents to Watchmen, The Losers, Jonah Hex, Batman v Superman and The Walking Dead, without even mentioning showrunner Eric Kripke’s hopes to get him into The Boys eventually. The fans would love it, and Cohan playing the Joker sounds so insane that we’d love to see it happen.