Here’s How John Boyega Could Look As The DCEU’s Red Hood

Red Hood

DC lovers have been waiting to see Red Hood appear on the big screen for the longest time, so fan artists often come up with pitches for who should play Jason Todd in the DCEU. One who’s become popular over the last few months is former Star Wars actor John Boyega, after he made it known on social media that he’d like to take a whack at portraying Batman’s gun-toting ex-sidekick. He would obviously be a left-field choice, but fans have really responded to the idea.

In fact, for a flavor of how he could look in the part, check out the below artwork from SPDRMNKYXXIII, who’s imagined Boyega in the Red Hood costume, including a leather jacket and Bat-symbol-sporting hoodie, sans helmet. The piece also gives Todd a scar running across his right eye, as a sign of the past trauma that the character suffered at the hands of the Joker.

Boyega appears to have put the far-flung galaxy behind him, so he’s theoretically free to take on another major role in a different franchise (and given his problems with Disney, it might not be with Marvel). As for where Red Hood could show up, our best bet is probably in The Batman trilogy. But then again, he might work better with the more seasoned Bruce Wayne played by Ben Affleck, depending on how many more appearances he’s got to come.

While we wait for the character to appear in the cinematic universe somewhere, Titans is about to answer our prayers, as season 3 will see Curran Walters’ Jason upgrade to his Red Hood persona. We’ve already got our first peek at his new alter ego’s costume, too, and it’s looking pretty sharp.

Tell us, though, do you want to see John Boyega as Red Hood? Sound off in the comments section down below.