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Johnny Depp Denied Appeal In Libel Case, Owes Almost $1M In Legal Fees Now

According to Deadline, Johnny Depp has been denied an appeal in his libel case and now owes quite a lot in legal fees.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp has fallen on hard times as of late. The 57 year-old Hollywood star was dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and after coming out on the losing end of his libel case against a British tabloid that called him a wife beater, he was also booted from Fantastic Beasts 3. And now, it seems the actor’s suffered yet another blow.

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According to The Times, Depp has been denied an appeal for the aforementioned case, as the judge has ruled that it doesn’t have a “reasonable prospect of success.” He’s also on the hook for an initial £628,000 (roughly $840,000) in legal fees to News Group Newspapers, who the action was taken against. The actor can now bring his case to the Court of Appeals if he wishes to keep going, but at present, it’s unclear what he’ll do.

After all, he still has plenty more legal battles to come against his ex-wife Amber Heard, so whether he appeals this particular decision or not, Depp is far from having his plate cleared and getting his life back on track. Then again, when it comes to Hollywood, no one’s career is truly over and no matter what happens next, we wouldn’t rule out a return to form for Johnny Depp at some point.

Will he ever end up back at the top end of the A-list? Perhaps not, but achieving something at least close to his former glory isn’t out of his grasp just yet, as countless stars before him have proven. I mean, look at how Robert Downey Jr. turned his life around. And he’s only one example of many.

But for now, Johnny Depp remains tangled up in a legal mess and it’ll be interesting to see what he does next in his case against News Group Newspapers.