8 Epic Moments From The Justice League Comic-Con Trailer


Wonder Woman’s Weekend

After a showy intro, the trailer kicks off proper with a focus on one Justice Leaguer in particular.

We see some shady armed men parade in what could be the Louvre in Paris. Thankfully, Wonder Woman is on hand to intervene and save the day – after making an explosive entrance that Batman would kill for. Being the demi-goddess that she is, Diana then effortlessly dodges a bullet and doesn’t even flinch when a rifle is bashed over her head. She finishes off with a moment seen in a previous trailer – the most badass L’Oreal-esque hair-swish ever.

Things then cut to Diana back in her civilian guise where she’s fixing up a statue at the museum. “What did you do this weekend, Diana?” asks her colleague. “Me?” she says, playing innocent. “Nothing very interesting.”

Seeing as the world has just fallen in love with Wonder Woman off the back of her phenomenally successful movie, it makes a lot of sense for the trailer to begin with Gal Gadot as the new poster girl for the DCEU. Speaking of which, you might recall that Wonder Woman ended with the Amazon warrior leaping away into action at the end of the movie. Does Justice League follow on from that scene directly?

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