Justice League Fans Still Divided On The Snyder Cut’s R-Rating

Justice League Batman

Twelve months ago, even the most optimistic of Justice League fans couldn’t have guessed that when the Snyder Cut finally arrived, it would run for at least four hours, and it just goes to show how heavily the theatrical edition was reworked by Joss Whedon under the watchful eye of the Warner Bros. brass.

Snyder admitted that he’s only filmed four of five minutes of new footage, but somehow still managed to piece together an alternate cut of the DCEU blockbuster that’s twice as long as the previous version without using a single frame shot by Whedon. The director is known for making very lengthy movies, of course, and Justice League will give him the unique distinction of being responsible for the three longest comic book blockbusters ever made after Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut and Batman v Superman‘s Ultimate Edition.

It’s also going to be an R-rated venture, with Ben Affleck’s Batman set to hold the honor of becoming the first live-action Dark Knight to drop an F-bomb. Fans were divided on the news at first, and it would appear as though a more adult-orientated Justice League is still generating plenty of debate, as you can see from the reactions below.

R-rated superhero movies have always tended to be hit-or-miss, unless of course the added levels of violence and profanity serve the story in a meaningful way as we’ve seen in the likes of Joker, Deadpool and Logan. Having waited so long for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, longtime supporters aren’t going to grudge an R-rating, but it’ll be interesting nonetheless to see what it adds to or possibly even detracts from the final product when it hits HBO Max on March 18th.