Justice League Home Video Sales Could Help Restore The SnyderVerse

Justice League

There’s been an element of straw-clutching to the countless tales claiming the restoration and resurrection of the SnyderVerse is imminent, with even the merest shred of positive news regarding Zack Snyder’s Justice League being used as the springboard for scuttlebutt that his grand, operatic mythology was set to be revived by Warner Bros.

Of course, it hasn’t happened yet, and we’ve been singing the same old song and dance for the last six months, ever since the four-hour epic first premiered on HBO Max. At various points it was the Discovery merger, Dwayne Johnson, HBO Max viewership numbers or Army of the Dead hitting big on Netflix that would serve as the catalyst for a reborn SnyderVerse, with Geekosity now offering that Justice League‘s home video sales as the latest lighter of the hypothetical touchpaper.

Justice League shifting a lot of units on Blu-ray and DVD is definitely good news, especially in the age of streaming where physical media is viewed as being less important than ever, but using the word “inevitable” based on opening week disc sales? That’s a bit of a stretch.

We’ve already been down this road before, and at no point have Warner Bros. showed any signs of publicly altering their stance on HBO Max’s Justice League marking the end of the road for the filmmaker’s corner of the DCEU. Would the fans love to see it happen? Absolutely. Would it send the internet into meltdown? You bet. But as always, we’ll just have to wait and see what those in power have to say before getting too hyped at the prospect of more SnyderVerse.