WB In Early Negotiations To Release Justice League Snyder Cut

batman justice league

Of all the fan communities out there, those campaigning for the release of the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League are by far my favorite. Not only have they kept up their passion for more than two years, but they’ve done so without descending into bitterness, have remained organized and focused, and raised a bunch of money for worthy charities along the way. But will they get their wish?

Last week saw the biggest online push yet to convince Warner Bros. to release it as each day featured “one-hour tweet events” focused on members of the League: Wonder Woman on Monday, the Flash on Tuesday, Cyborg on Wednesday, Aquaman on Thursday and Batman on Friday. This added up to one big push on Sunday, the two year anniversary of Justice League‘s theatrical release. The campaign garnered support from the cast and crew, and we reported over the weekend that “discussions are now underway” to release it.

Yesterday, however, we heard a story that seemed to pour cold water on the excitement, with THR reporting that there’s “no announcement” expected on the Snyder Cut. But, as critic Grace Randolph pointed out on Twitter, this isn’t a denial that they’re working on it. Instead, she explains that the internal discussions on how to release the Snyder cut are “in early stages” of negotiations and seems confident that we’ll soon see it. Which confirms We Got This Covered’s scoop from a few days ago, when we told you the studio will likely be bringing it to HBO Max.

If this proves to be the case, it’ll be a vindication of fans’ commitment to the project, as well as a guaranteed bit of good publicity for Warner Bros. and DC. After all, everyone knows they screwed up Justice League and now that producer Kevin Tsujihara has resigned in disgrace, it’s time for a mea culpa and for them to let us see what we missed out on.

Tell us, though, what do you make of all this? Do you think we’ll finally get the Snyder Cut in the not too distant future? Sound off below and let us know.