Karen Gillan Says She’s Not Ready To Stop Playing Nebula


Dave Bautista may have already signaled his intentions to retire as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Drax the Destroyer once Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hits theaters in May 2023, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the titular team has to follow suit. James Gunn is also contemplating his future at the helm of the series, but the remainder of the gang will surely be afforded the opportunity to stick around.

Given Chris Pratt’s level of stardom and popularity, it would be safe to say that Star-Lord will be around for a long time to come, while the Rocket and Groot double act and buddy duo vibes possess plenty of untapped potential. One of the most interesting long-term arc in the MCU is that of warring sisters Nebula and Gamora, with the latter’s death and subsequent return in Avengers: Endgame adding another new wrinkle to their story, especially when you consider she might be a variant.

In a new interview, Karen Gillan couldn’t stress how much she loved playing Nebula, and she’s got no intentions of giving up on the intergalactic blue baldie any time soon.

“I love my character so much. I’m sort of obsessed with her. I just get such a kick out of playing a character that’s really removed from myself. But I also feel really emotionally invested in her through everything that she’s gone through with Thanos and all of that. So I would love to continue the journey of the character. I don’t know what that would really look like without James or Dave, but I really like playing her, so I’m not eager to finish.”

The Guardians will return in Thor: Love and Thunder, the Disney Plus Holiday Special and then Vol. 3, so there’s plenty more Nebula coming down the pipeline. Gillan’s star will only continue to rise in the interim, and as Phase Four reshuffles the deck significantly, she may realistically end up with a more important role than ever before. Regardless of how many appearances she has left on her current deal, it sounds as though the actress will be more than happy to sign a new one given her obvious affinity for Nebula.