Keanu Reeves Reportedly In Talks For Multiple DC Roles

Keanu Reeves

For years, we’ve been hearing tales of how Marvel Studios and DC Films have been locked in a tug-of-war trying to secure the services of Keanu Reeves, with the actor being linked to countless projects for both of Hollywood’s premiere shared superhero universes.

While the Point Break, Speed, The Matrix and John Wick action icon has openly admitted that Wolverine is his favorite superhero, which inevitably led to talk that he might inherit the mantle from Hugh Jackman when the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s reboot rolls around, DC appears to have the edge in terms of movies he’s actually committed to.

Over fifteen years after Constantine, Reeves has been announced for a return to the world of DC, albeit with a catch. He was one of many big names added to the roster of the animated DC League of Super-Pets alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski and more. His role hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but fingers crossed that it’s Bat-Cow, simply because that would be hilarious.

Now, a new rumor intimates that the 56 year-old is in talks for multiple parts across the breadth of the DC universe, but naturally, any specifics are thin on the ground as to what they might be – aside from the mention that one of them is Constantine. Of course, the fifteen-year anniversary of the character’s solo movie led to renewed sequel chatter, but that’s long since died off and it looks as though the demonic detective is being rebooted for HBO Max by J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot.

As always, we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Keanu Reeves in the comic book sphere, especially when Kevin Feige has freely admitted he talks to the star for almost any project his outfit’s developing, but you’d imagine he’ll commit to a live-action DC or Marvel movie sooner rather than later.