Keanu Reeves Reportedly In Intense Talks To Play Constantine For WB

Keanu Reeves Constantine

Ever since the “Reevesnaissance” launched him back into the big leagues, rumors have flown around that Keanu Reeves could join either the Marvel or DC universes. While we know Kevin Feige would love to get The Matrix star in the MCU, a DCEU role may be more likely due to Reeves’ history as John Constantine, having played the occult detective in 2005’s Constantine movie. And the actor has admitted that he’d like to return to the part, too.

We’ve heard before now that he’s been in discussions with Warner Bros. for a potential Constantine comeback, and that’s apparently still the case, according to a new rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman. The scooper writes that WB is in “intense talks” with Reeves for a possible Constantine 2, but they’re also keeping their options open by pitching him some other DC characters that he could play as well. It’s unknown which roles these may be, however.

One project he might be circulating could be the upcoming Zatanna movie, as helmed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Emerald Fennell (Promising Young Woman), with Reeves a strong choice for the sorceress’ magician father, John Zatara. It’s easy to imagine the John Wick icon in that role, especially as it would be a fun callback to his Constantine performance, but nothing’s been confirmed just yet.

Of course, this news comes a day after Reeves was announced to be a part of a major new DC animated project – Dwayne Johnson’s DC’s League of Super-Pets. While his role has yet to be revealed, rumors persist that he might be voicing Batman in the movie. Going by Richtman’s intel, then, it’s possible that this voiceover gig could be the first step towards Reeves and Warner Bros. coming to a deal for him to return to the DC universe in live-action, too.

While we await concrete news on his DC future, Keanu Reeves will next be seen in The Matrix 4 this December.