Keanu Reeves says no one will make his ‘Constantine’ revival

Most pop culture fans can agree: Keanu Reeves is a gosh darn national treasure. So why won’t Hollywood just give the actor a chance for once?

You might be thinking that the previous sentence was a contradiction, of sorts, since Reeves has starred in a number of blockbuster smash-hit action films, such as The Matrix and John Wick movies.

But it turns out there’s one super character ripped straight from the comics that he wants another shot at — DC’s Constantine.

Reeve’s desire to once again don the demon-slaying trench coat is nothing new, as he made a previous remark about the character just last month. But the Bill and Ted actor is again reiterating his stance, this time saying when he’s tried to revive the character in the past, Hollywood just hasn’t seemed interested.


In an interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Reeves made a heavy sigh in response to the question “is there a character you’d like to play again that no one is asking you to?”

When Colbert went on to warn Reeves to be careful of his answer because it might prompt someone to ask him to play the role, Reeves said, “That’s not true!”

Reeves continued, “I would love to play John Constantine again from the Constantine movie.”

After trying to squirrel his own cameo role into the rhetorical sequel, Colbert then asked “no one will make that movie?”

“I’ve tried. I’ve tried, Stephen,” Reeves solemnly replied.

Though 2005’s Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves, was mostly critically panned, the film garnered something of a cult following in the years since its release.