Kevin Feige claims X-Men and Fantastic Four haven’t changed his MCU plans


Kevin Feige got the most unexpected of surprises when Disney acquired Fox, landing the rights to literally hundreds of brand new superheroes in his lap. Prime among them are the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool, all of which are regarded as top-tier properties.

Even though we saw thirteen mutant movies from Fox in the space of 20 years, with Marvel’s First Family having appeared in four feature of their own with three different lineups, fans are still hyped about seeing what one of the most successful and game-changing producers in the history of cinema can do now that he’s got his hands on a raft of iconic names.

Everyone knows the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planned out years in advance, so you’d have thought the sudden acquisitions of such heavy hitters may have altered Feige’s thinking. However, in an interview with Collider, the company’s Chief Creative Officer skirted around the question while claiming that it didn’t have an impact on where Phase Four was heading.

“You know, I think we first mentioned it, or the Ancient One mentions it in Doctor Strange 1 when she’s taking Stephen Strange through that mind-warping journey. It was always one of the most powerful storytelling tools in the comics. One you have to wield carefully because it can get overwhelming, but now also one with the 20-plus history of the movies there are enough characters we can start playing with it that way. We mention it, obviously, as part of Mysterio’s ruse in Far From Home. I think the toys that were added to that toybox increased with that Fox acquisition, but it didn’t change the timetable on when we were introducing the idea of the multiverse.”

Spider-Man‘s Jon Watts is attached to helm Fantastic Four, with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 in active development and the X-Men looking to be a good few years away. We’re not expecting any of those projects in the immediate future, so there’s plenty of time for Feige to decide how they fit into the grand tapestry of the MCU.