Latest Fantasy News: ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ distracts fans from the Henry Cavill drama as ‘The Way of Water’ cinches a premature Golden Globe nod

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The official release of Avatar: The Way of Water is nearly upon us, and hype for the second Avatar flick is already distinctly mixed. It’s been hotly anticipated for years, but audiences are showing hesitance in the lead-up to the film’s actual release. That isn’t stopping it from collecting early awards nods, of course, before viewers have even had a chance to lay eyes on it. 

Early reviews for the film are officially in, and its got the potential to outpace its predecessor. It’s certainly more popular than The Witcher: Blood Origin, which appears to present a solid, but less-than groundbreaking, foray into the Continent. At least it’s separate from all the Henry Cavill drama. 

Meanwhile, an everlasting fantasy powerhouse is once again reminding audiences of how much book readers care about accuracy. It’s been more than a full decade since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire released, but fans still aren’t over one minor change from book to screen.

The Witcher: Blood Origin won’t be winning any awards

Sophia Brown as Éile in 'The Witcher: Blood Origin' brandishing a knife
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The latest venture into The Witcher’s Continent is slated to drop on Christmas day, and hype for Blood Origin has been building for months. Reviews for the upcoming film are officially in, and its departure from the typical Witcher formula appears to be both good and bad, depending on who you ask. The release appears to be far from a flop, but it’s not necessarily groundbreaking either. It does, at least, promise to be entertaining. 

Avatar: The Way of Water outpaces a slew of Marvel releases

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Early reviews for The Way of Water are trickling in, and the movie appears to fit perfectly alongside its predecessor. Many critics are labeling the movie as a visually spectacular release with a distinctly average story. Much like the first Avatar film, James Cameron isn’t offering up anything new with The Way of Water, but audiences will still likely purchase tickets, if only to see the gorgeous visuals on the big screen.

The Way of Water gets awards nods before it even releases

avatar the way of water
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On the bright side, those middling reviews might not get in the way of The Way of Water’s award prospects. The film already earned a Best Picture nod from the Golden Globes in the lead-up to its release, delighting the entire cast behind the project. A huge amount of work—and even more money—went into making The Way of Water, so hopes are high that it lives up to the hype.

Fans are still furious about one Goblet of Fire change-up

It’s been quite some time since the fourth Harry Potter film first arrived in theaters, but fan ire surrounding one scene hasn’t faded a bit. It’s likely a thoroughly forgettable moment for anyone who hasn’t read the books, but Dumbledore’s excessively angry reaction to Harry’s name ending up in the Goblet of Fire continues to spark anger among longtime fans of the books.