Latest Horror News: ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ live-action movie enlists two major stars as Netflix eyes the return of a celebrated spooky trilogy

Five Nights at Freddy's game
Image via Scott Cawthon

Happy Friday, terror aficionados! After a wild week of heart-pounding bulletins, the weekend is here to present an opportunity to kick back, relax, and adhere to a collection of goodies in the spooktacular realm. And while some may be decking the halls and jingling the bells, others still have their plastic pumpkins sat on the center of their office desks and are still continuing with their love for all things spooky. Of course, that means there’s plenty of content to be celebrated in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. Over the last 24 hours, two major stars have been cast in a long-awaited genre project as Netflix gears up for the return of a fan-favorite trilogy.

So, before you’re completely dressed from head to toe in Santa-esque gear, join us as we dive into the latest updates in horrorland.

Netflix’s new Fear Street movie has finally found its director

Sarah Fier in Fear Street Part three
Image via Netflix

After months of anticipation, it looks as though Netflix is finally turning the wheels in an effort to generate a new Fear Street movie. The trilogy was officially released last summer, and in a few short months, it became one of the most successful horror flicks on the platform. It hardly comes as a surprise, really, seeing as big-name Stranger Things stars like Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke were attached to the films. And now, Netflix has executed its first official step by placing Watcher filmmaker Chloe Okuno in the director’s chair. Further details on the newest installment in the horror franchise remain kept under wraps, but this is certainly a positive sign that fans can look forward to.

A massive Avatar 2 star is set to operate in the same space as Ghostface

Yep, you've already seen new 'Avatar: The Way of Water' character in the MCU
Image via 20th Century Studios

One of the hottest topics in the horror world right now is the fascination surrounding Scream VI — the sixth installment in the long-standing slasher franchise. And while an array of intriguing playmakers have already been attached to the project, it’s now worth noting that actor Jack Champion is set to add further credibility to his career by sharing the big screen with Ghostface. In the past, the gifted young talent has made a name for himself in Avengers: Endgame, and his success is skyrocketing even more after a role in Avatar: The Way of Water. Truth be told, it appears as though Champion’s triumph is only going to increase from this point on, so horror fans now have a potential superstar to fawn over.

Five Nights at Freddy’s has announced two main cast members in a big way

Five Nights at Freddy's main characters
Image via ScottGames

After being stuck in developmental hell for years, Blumhouse has officially got the ball rolling on the live-action Five Nights at Freddy’s horror feature — which includes the announcement of two main cast members. As per Deadline, Blumhouse has secured two stars in Scream‘s Matthew Lillard and The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson, which are the first two official names to be attached to the horror extravaganza. And while other names are likely to be released in the next several months, it’s certainly an encouraging piece of news for horror diehards that have been waiting years for this project to be brought to existence.

Slash back in on Monday, Fear Street fanatics, for a brand new horror roundup.