Ghostface in 'Scream VI'
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Latest Horror News: Fresh ‘Scream VI’ images showcase a blood-thirsty Ghostface while ‘M3GAN’ clip teases villain’s terrifying powers

Get ready to Scream after seeing these images.

Happy Thursday, fear fanatics! As the weekend slowly begins to creep up on us all, now is the perfect time to indulge in a variety of spooktacular gossip that will leave your skin crawling and your bones rattled. From the latest holiday horror classics receiving their moment in the spotlight to an exclusive first glimpse at iconic villain Ghostface, there’s a plethora of goodies to be explored in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. Despite Halloween being left in the dust in favor of the Christmas festivities, the next several months are itching to heat up with intense fear features that will result in many of us sprinting to the theaters.

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So, before you carefully craft that perfect Gingerbread house, feast your eyes on all of the blood-soaked news in the horror bubble.

Perhaps M3GAN’s powers are a lot more vengeful than initially anticipated

Image via Blumhouse Productions

After the first official trailer for Blumhouse’s M3GAN dropped, horror fans have been going berserk over the phenomenon surrounding the life-like android. And while previous clips have been horrifying enough, a fresh-faced release has everyone’s jaws undoubtedly on the floor. In the newest clip, the range of M3GAN’s powers are fully explored — with thrill-seeking viewers learning that the android has the power to manipulate electricity, along with her obvious ability to control the actions of others. The eerie clip provides an updated glimpse into the horrors of the upcoming project, which is expected to land in theaters in early January.

New Scream VI images promise an even deadlier Ghostface

Image via Paramount

The entire horror world can’t seem to stop talking about the recently released Scream VI trailer, which officially showcases Ghostface in the streets of NYC. And in the latest batch of images that have been released to the public, there’s absolutely no denying that this version of Ghostface looks scarier than past perpetrators that have donned the iconic costume. In the fear-inducing photos, Ghostface’s notable black-and-white mask appears far more cracked and worn than ever before, possibly hinting that the person behind the mask could be a familiar face. Now is the perfect time for some serious speculation!

Genre fans are sticking it to critics by praising a holiday horror staple

Jack Frost 1997
Image via A-Pix Entertainment, Inc.

Horror extravaganza Jack Frost (1997) might not be a particular genre masterpiece, but that certainly doesn’t discount the flick’s general significance to the catalog as a whole. With the weeks until Christmas slowly dwindling down, horror fanatics on Reddit are taking time out of their busy schedules to praise the ‘90s slasher flick, which includes a killer snowman with a mean agenda. Although the film didn’t exactly turn the wheels in the massive genre, it still stands strong as a guilty pleasure that the horror-loving masses will come to appreciate for years.

Return here tomorrow, Ghostface stans, for a brand new daily horror roundup.

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