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Latest Horror News: Sam Raimi is returning to terrify the genre as Jamie Lee Curtis promises carnage in ‘Halloween Ends’

Is a decorated master of horror making a comeback?

Magic horror Sam Raimi
Image via 20th Century Fox

With rumors circulating that fast food chain McDonald’s could be resurrecting Halloween buckets for the upcoming month of October, it’s certainly safe to say that spooky season is now in full effect! And, of course, this year’s spooky season simply wouldn’t be the same without a daily roundup of the latest news in horror — and trust us, there’s plenty to report over the last 24 hours. From Sam Raimi rubbing his hands at the chance to revive a killer-doll extravaganza to Halloween Ends star Jamie Lee Curtis claiming that Michael Myers receives a “power boost,” the news is as exciting as ever.

So, make sure you prematurely choose your favorite McDonald’s Halloween pail as we scratch and claw our way through today’s horror roundup.

Jamie Lee Curtis teases a whirlwind of destruction in Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween Ends
Image via Universal

For months now, the Halloween Ends marketing campaign has teased that the concluding chapter in director David Gordon Green’s trilogy will pose a serious threat to the future of Laurie Strode. Now, franchise veteran Jamie Lee Curtis, who has portrayed the incomparable final girl since John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece, has teased that the “final reckoning” between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode will change the franchise’s landscape forever. In her white-hot analysis, Curtis hinted that Myers would receive a potential power boost in the movie, which certainly spells out destruction for all in his path.

Hellraiser star Jamie Clayton discusses scoring leading role as a transgender actress

Image via Hulu

The Hulu revival of Hellraiser is just under a week away from debuting on the streaming platform, which means plenty of Cenobite fanatics are coming out of the woodwork to shower praise for the upcoming installment. And one of the most popular draws for the horror movie is actress Jamie Clayton in the leading role as Pinhead — which certainly shines a deserved spotlight on transgender actors and actresses in Hollywood. Horror fans are certainly gearing up for the latest installment in the classic franchise, and it appears as though Clayton’s standout performance is one to absolutely look out for.

Sam Raimi plans to return to the horror genre with a killer bang

Image via 20th Century Fox

With horror gems like The Evil Dead and Drag Me to Hell under his belt, director Sam Raimi remains a formidable force in the landscape of horror. And while the majority of his directional features are well known, a handful of hidden treasures have often been kept out of the limelight — which includes 1978 psychological horror Magic. Starring Anthony Hopkins, the Raimi vehicle is believed to have popularized the fascination surrounding killer doll movies. Now, it looks to appear that Raimi plans to terrorize the genre by reviving the sleeper hit horror — which is sure to be a delight for fans of classic spooky tales.

Catch you back here tomorrow, spooky kids, for another dose of horror news.

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