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Latest Horror News: ‘Scream 6’ is set to be a blood-soaked gorefest while new ‘M3GAN’ trailer raises high hopes for creepy doll enthusiasts

Ghostface is back for blood — and lots of it.

Happy hump day, gore-lovers! And boy, we’ve got a major amount of updates in store today. Christmas might be rearing its eager head, but the Halloween-esque cauldron of news is what should be on everyone’s radar — or in the eyes of spooky aficionados, at least. All is set to be revealed in today’s juicy horror roundup here at We Got This Covered, with tons of headline-inducing goodies that will leave your minds absolutely melted with excitement. From Scream 6 eyeing up a potential gorefest experience while the new M3GAN trailer rattles our nerves, there’s so much to be desired.

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So, be sure to fasten up your seatbelts for this horror-coaster as we indulge in the latest updates in the ever-popular spooktacular catalog.

Chucky appears to have some serious competition with M3GAN set to terrify

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One of the most popular viral trends to come out of the horror genre this year has been the promotion for the upcoming collaboration between James Wan and Blumhouse, M3GAN. And based on the newest trailer, the horror sensation is adding a special element to the “creepy doll” sub-genre, which killer doll Chucky has famously presented for decades now. However, a new doll is apparently in town, with the latest thriller set to showcase the M3GAN prototype — a real-life android that swoops in as a best friend for a young girl. However, perhaps this family received more than they were asking for, seeing as a variety of sinister sequences seem to follow M3GAN’s arrival. Yikes.

Ghostface is cooking up plenty of gore in New York City

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The long-standing Scream franchise is one of the profitable in the colossal horror genre, which is thanks in part to its iconic villain Ghostface. The fast-moving slasher is one of the sneakiest in the catalog, and there’s often a powerful duo behind the memorable black-and-white mask. And while prior installments have certainly been gory enough to satisfy genre bloodhounds, it looks as though the sixth installment is going to be the bloodiest one yet. In a recent interview, star Melissa Barrera revealed that the upcoming feature is going to be “a hundred times gorier” than its predecessors. Now that’s some good news that we can get behind.

Wednesday fans maintain rage for a universally hated character

'Wednesday' continues to propel Lady Gaga's 'Bloody Mary' success
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By now, most television fanatics, whether they’re subscribed to Netflix or not, have heard about Tim Burton’s Wednesday series, which provides a fresh-faced spin on the iconic Addams Family lore. And while the show has boasted an assortment of captivating characters, the truth remains that one of the series’ most disliked characters continues to be an absolute menace. The character in question is Xavier Thorpe, who goes to school with Wednesday and presents as one of her biggest love interests. However, the majority of the fanbase refuses to stay silent in regards to their hatred for the aforementioned character — and his poor attitude definitely has a lot to do with it. It remains to be seen if Xavier’s presence will improve in the second season, but he’s certainly not a fan-favorite at this point in time.

Return here tomorrow, slasher aficionados, for another daily horror roundup.

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