Latest Marvel News: Art will imitate life in ‘Deadpool 3’ as ‘Avatar 2’ flies high, but still below the MCU

x-men origins wolverine
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One of James Cameron’s favorite things to do in promotion of Avatar: The Way of Water has been to throw shade at the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime the opportunity even remotely presents itself, but his sci-fi sequel continues to lag behind Kevin Feige’s franchise in the race to the top of the box office.

Deadpool 3 has also been dropping new details with increasing regularity, and it sounds as though life is destined to imitate art when Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds finally team up for the long-awaited odd couple adventure we all thought would never happen. It’s all systems go for Marvel once again, with the superhero saga always throwing fresh insights our way.

Avatar: The Way of Water hits a billion, but not as fast as the MCU

avatar the way of water
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James Cameron’s long-awaited Avatar: The Way of Water has only just become the 51st movie in history to reach a billion dollars at the box office, and its managed to do so in under two weeks, but Marvel did it faster.

Having taken 13 days to reach the coveted threshold, the awe-inspiring return to Pandora is tied with Jurassic World for the fifth-quickest race to 10 figures, but that still puts it behind Avengers: Endgame, Infinity War, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Having made a habit of bashing the MCU on a regular basis, we wonder if Cameron’s pride has been dented.

Deadpool 3 bringing the world’s favorite social media feud to spandex-clad life

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via Ryan Reynolds/YouTube

One of the few joys left on Twitter in the Elon Musk era is the ongoing feud between real-life besties Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, which feels as though it’s been going on forever, but in a good way. Thankfully, we can expect the artificial animosity to translate very well to the MCU, with the returning Wolverine admitting he and Deadpool hate each other’s guts.

We’re curious to see the multiversal shenanigans that bring the duo together, but if Deadpool 3 can generate half as much hilarity as the pair’s interactions online, then everyone in the audience is going to be a winner at the end of the day.

Eternals sequel chatter begins to heat up, possibly for real this time

via Marvel Studios

The continued radio silence regarding an Eternals sequel has been driving fans crazy for well over a year, but something as innocuous as star Don Lee’s upcoming schedule may have offered the clearest indication yet that something is cooking at long last.

The actor, who played Gilgamesh in the divisive space opera, allegedly has “Eternals 2 and other global projects he’ll be appearing in are planned to be produced” on the docket, so it’s time to cross those fingers tighter than ever in the hopes the immortal aliens will be back for a second outing.

Werewolf by Night‘s breakout star may have been further afield than you’d think

Werewolf by Night Jack Russell Man-Thing
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Werewolf by Night was a pleasantly spooky surprise that got the age of the Marvel Studios Special Presentation off to a great start in October, but an Easter Egg potentially referencing instant fan favorite Man-Thing was spotted all the way back in Thor: Ragnarok and managed to fly over everyone’s heads.

We’re still waiting for that Beta Ray Bill tease to be paid off, although good ol’ Ted will do for now. He’s got multiversal previous across comic book canon, too, so we could literally encounter him anywhere now that limitless timelines are all in play at once.

Sequels, spinoffs, rivalries, streaming exclusives, and much more besides are all par for the course for the MCU, so be sure to check back for our latest roundup to see what surprises get thrown up next.