Latest My Hero Academia Movie Bosses Box Office In US Opening Weekend

Anime fans have come out in force over the past weekend to catch the newly released My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission in cinemas following its US release on Friday and the film achieved a pair of milestones.

On its opening day, World Heroes’ Mission reportedly charted at #2 bringing in around $2,882,381 between the more than 1500 theatres that were showing the film. Over the weekend, the film’s dominance continued drawing in another $3,520,905 to making its opening weekend total of $6,403,286. The film also ranked #4 at the overall box office for the weekend.

With its United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland rollout on the 29th, the film is now available in most major markets and has seemingly become the most successful My Hero Academia film to date. We recently got to interview several members of the voice cast including Robbie Daymond (Vee) who expressed their excitement about working on the film.

“It’s awesome. We’re super lucky, it’s super fun. There are a ton of talented people out there that never get this opportunity. There are people that work in voice-over that you’ve never heard of that have probably been doing it much longer than we have.”

The film first opened in Japanese cinemas on Aug. 6 where its run produced revenue of around $28.68 million USD. This number falls just shy of the combined totals of revenue between My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’s run in both Japan and the US. It is worth noting, however, that Heroes Rising launched in February of 2020 just before the pandemic caused mass shutdowns of cinemas. This could have affected the revenue both domestically and internationally.

The reception for this latest entry into the My Hero Academia film roster has been welcomed with an overwhelmingly positive reception. You can check out our review of the film for more insight on that here.