Latest ‘Warhammer’ News: New names are proposed as additions to the ‘Warhammer’ cast as Cavill’s chaotic month gets the meme treatment 

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News that an adaptation of Warhammer 40K is headed to Amazon, helmed by Henry Cavill, has the game’s massive fanbase abuzz.

The hugely popular miniature wargame couldn’t be in better hands, given Cavill’s reputation for lore loyalty, and his enduring passion for the original game, and fans are already dream-casting their picks to join him in the upcoming project. They’re also theorizing which characters Cavill would be the most suited to, as they consider the broad potentials of a Warhammer 40K cinematic universe. 

Henry Cavill well-earns the meme treatment

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In the wake of several truly chaotic announcements, Henry Cavill seems to have found his latest blockbuster franchise in Warhammer 40K. The actor’s switch from Geralt of Rivia to Superman and finally over to the Warhammer 40K cinematic universe prompted his many fans to celebrate his topsy-turvy month via memes. Soon, memes poking fun at Cavill’s career of late were littering social media and showcasing the broad support he has from the Warhammer fanbase.

There are a wealth of potential actors who would crush a Warhammer 40K role

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News of a Warhammer 40K adaptation is weighing heavy on the minds of longtime fans, and prompting a sudden surge of fancastings. Fans already have their sights set on titular roles from the game’s lore, including Sanguinius, Jain Zar, and Pedro Kantor, and we’ve got a few ideas of who could bring these vital characters to life. 

Our picks for Henry Cavill’s best Warhammer character options 

Horus Lupercal from 'Warhammer 40,000'
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The only actor who is 100 percent confirmed for a Warhammer 40K role is Henry Cavill, which leaves fans with one question: who will he play? There is an absolute litany of characters that Cavill could bring to life, from the massively-popular Gregor Eisenhorn to the Emperor of Mankind himself.