Leaked Batman Promo Poster Shows Off The Batsuit And Batarang

The Batman

It’s been a great week for fans starved of content from Matt Reeves’ The Batman since production finally called it a day and the cavalcade of set photos stopped arriving online, with a ton of new promotional and marketing images showing off some of the best glimpses yet at both Robert Pattinson’s title hero, his preferred mode of transport and Paul Dano’s Riddler, who either looks terrifying or like a cross between a gimp and the Zodiac Killer depending on who you ask.

It’s strange to see so many promo materials arriving ten months before the movie is set to release, and with DC FanDome locked in for a return this October, we could be entering the slow-burn hype phase that will ultimately result in a full-length trailer. And given that Reeves managed to cobble together an atmospheric and impressive teaser with just a few weeks of shooting in the can, it’s exciting to think about what two or three minutes of brand new footage might entail.

That’s probably a long way off, but yet another new image has now arrived that offers a fresh look at Pattinson’s Dark Knight wielding his tried and trusted Batarang, and you can check it out below.

Either someone in the PR department is getting fired or something big related to The Batman is happening soon, and given that the project is a superhero blockbuster hailing from Warner Bros., it could realistically be either. In any case, Pattinson’s Batsuit has proven to be divisive among the fanbase, but comic book costumes always look much better when they’re in motion than they do in a grainy calendar photo, so the jury is still very much out on this one for the time being.