Leaked Morbius Photo Reveals Spider-Man’s Cameo In The Movie


Ever since the Spider-Man standoff between Marvel and Sony ended, with Tom Holland’s web-slinger remaining part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have wondered how the character would ultimately factor into Sony’s own series of comic book movies. Kevin Feige admitted that Spidey was essentially contractually obligated to appear outside of the MCU, and with Sony intent on establishing a Marvel universe of their own, there was virtually no chance that they would pass up the opportunity to use their most marketable asset the first chance they got.

The first Sony/Marvel project out of the gates following the renegotiation of the deal is Morbius, which hits theaters in July. Star Jared Leto is surely hoping for a better reception than he got the last time he played a pale comic book character, with his stint as the Joker in the DCEU seemingly being wiped from the history books entirely.

The first Morbius trailer is arriving tomorrow morning and we’ve already seen the first image of Leto in full-blown Living Vampire mode. However, that reportedly comes with the caveat that the 48 year-old remains in his human form for the vast majority of the running time, with his undead alter-ego only being unleashed during the third act.

And while we’ve still got a bit of a wait until that preview arrives, we now have another look at the pic. Sent to us by an anonymous individual earlier today, below you can see what appears to be a screenshot pulled from the movie that reveals Spider-Man’s cameo. Of course, it isn’t an in-the-flesh cameo, but is instead more like Stan Lee’s cameo from Deadpool 2, with the web-slinger being seen on the wall behind the titular character.

See for yourself below, along with the photo that leaked yesterday:

While it may only be some graffiti on a mural, Morbius‘ Spider-Man reveal could be huge for a number of reasons. Not only does it confirm that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is already active in the Sony universe, but it also means that both Morbius and Venom could eventually find themselves as part of the MCU, something we reported was the case earlier today.

This ties into our scoop from a few weeks ago as well when we told you that J. Jonah Jameson will act as the bridge between both comic book franchises, with the word ‘murderer’ daubed across the mural surely referencing the doctored videos released by the Daily Bugle following Mysterio’s demise at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, with Parker being framed as Quentin Beck’s killer.

With such overt nods to both Spider-Man and the MCU as a whole, the first trailer for Morbius can’t come soon enough and we can’t wait to see just how the movie ties into the two opposing superhero franchises going forward.