Leaked Venom 2 Photos Reveal First Look At Carnage


We’ve seen a lot of Woody Harrelson on set of Venom 2 as Cletus Kasady by this point, but obviously we’re not going to get a glimpse of his final form as Carnage on location, given that it’s a fully CG creation. With talk of a teaser trailer for the Tom Hardy-starring sequel being on the way, though, a couple of new images that appear to be screengrabs from the preview have now revealed our first look at Eddie Brock’s ultimate nemesis.

It’s hard to track down exactly where these photos came from, as they’ve been doing the rounds on Reddit and Twitter for a few days now. And while there’s always the chance that they may not be genuine, with the trailer said to be coming sooner rather than later, it appears as if they’re the real deal.

As you can see below, the first shot shows Carnage’s face, while the second ones depicts his red and black hand behind bars. Again, they look to be authentic, but you can check them out for yourself below and decide.

Of course, Harrelson first appeared as Kasady in Venom‘s post-credits scene, where Brock came to interview the serial killer within his cell at Ravencroft Institute. He memorably teased that “there’s gonna be carnage” when he breaks out of jail, something that looks set to happen in Venom 2 as the criminal has been seen on the streets of San Francisco and involved in reckless car chases.

Plot details point to Eddie pinning even more murders on Kasady, too, which is why he wants revenge on the reporter when he gets free. Presumably, the two will battle it out, which is how Cletus comes into contact with Venom’s symbiote offspring and bonds with it. Kasady’s girlfriend Shriek will also appear, with Naomie Harris reportedly playing the role.

Production on Venom 2 has been halted due to the current pandemic, but we know that it was near the finish line, so most of the movie should be in the bag by this point. Hopefully it’ll be in theaters as expected, then, on October 2nd.