Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly In Talks For Doctor Strange 2 Role


So much of the speculation surrounding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been directed towards Spider-Man 3, with almost everyone to have even made eye contact with Peter Parker in a previous movie being linked with a return, that a lot of people might not even be aware that Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has been filming for almost a month.

Not only did cameras start rolling at Pinewood Studios towards the end of November, but Elizabeth Olsen jetted across the Atlantic almost as soon as WandaVision wrapped while Benedict Cumberbatch remains Stateside, with the title hero not reporting for duty until after he’s finished his scenes in Spider-Man 3 and then presumably endures the mandatory quarantine period upon reentering the United Kingdom.

So many names have been rumored in conjunction with the aforementioned threequel that it would be easy to forget that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness actually provides even more scope for surprise cameos given both the title and the very nature of the movie itself, not to mention the fact that Kevin Feige will be keen to establish his multiverse as the one to beat, especially with the DCEU’s The Flash not releasing until eight months after the Sorcerer Supreme returns.

Just when you thought you’d heard everything, though, in regards to who might show up, Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Leonardo DiCaprio has held talks with Marvel about appearing as a version of Spider-Man from another Earth. Of course, the 46 year-old was in contention to play the web-slinger for James Cameron a quarter of a century ago, and while it seems very unlikely that he’d sign on for a bit part role, as a severely underrated comic talent, it would certainly be hilarious to see DiCaprio turn up as someone similar to Jake Johnson’s burnout version of Peter Parker from Into the Spider-Verse.