Liam Hemsworth Reportedly In Talks To Play DCEU’s Green Arrow


Oliver Queen has been a staple of DC Comics since 1941, but there’s never been much interest in giving his alter ego the Green Arrow his own feature film. It might have at least entered development by now, though, were it not for the success of the Arrowverse. Stephen Amell headlined The CW’s hit superhero show Arrow for eight seasons, and there was probably no point in throwing the character into the DCEU when the comparisons to the small screen head of Queen Consolidated would have been rife.

Now that Amell has retired from the role, however, and the DCEU continues to expand both on the big screen and HBO Max, there’s been increased speculation that Green Arrow could finally become the star of a feature-length film. Of course, it almost happened before with David S. Goyer’s Escape from Super Max, a high concept prison break thriller that would have featured cameos from a whole host of iconic comic book villains, but as of yet, the hero has yet to be officially added to the DC Films docket.

However, that may soon change, as we’ve heard from our sources this week – the same ones who told us Zack Snyder’s Justice League would be heading to HBO Max long before it was confirmed – that Liam Hemsworth is reportedly one of the frontrunners for the role, although any concrete casting is still a long way off.

According to our intel, the tentative shortlist also includes Charlie Hunnam, and the former Sons of Anarchy star has been a popular choice among fans for years now, with Taron Egerton also said to be in the mix. Of course, the last time Kingsman‘s Eggy picked up a bow and arrow it was for the disastrous Robin Hood, but he’s still a talented actor and proven action star. For now, though, Hemsworth remains one of the top choices for the DCEU’s Green Arrow and we’ll just have to wait and see who the studio goes with in the end.