Man Of Steel 2 Will Reportedly Lead Into Black Adam 2 If It Happens


Not only has Dwayne Johnson suddenly emerged from out of nowhere as the potential savior of the SnyderVerse, at least if a raft of recent reports are to be believed, but he’s now being named as the man who could bring Henry Cavill’s Superman back from the fringes of the DCEU and put him center stage in the standalone sequel fans have been demanding for the last eight years, too.

As per tipster Mikey Sutton, Johnson wants to produce or executive produce a Man of Steel follow-up through his Seven Bucks banner, which is already knee deep in the shared universe having produced Shazam!, the in-development second installment Fury of the Gods and, of course, the actor’s own Black Adam.

Throw in Seven Bucks co-founder Dany Garcia being Henry Cavill’s manager and all the ingredients are there to come to at least some sort of agreement. Obviously, though, one of the biggest obstacles would be dealing with Warner Bros., especially since they’ve made their stance on the SnyderVerse perfectly clear.

If the studio wanted Cavill to get his own sequel, then they’d have given him one a long time ago, but J.J. Abrams’ reboot is now in the works with The Witcher star out in the cold once more. However, according to Sutton’s information, The Rock has ambitious plans for his Black Adam franchise, with a proposed second outing for the DCEU’s canonical Kryptonian leading directly into Johnson’s superpowered follow-up.

Black Adam and Superman have very similar powers and abilities, of course, and there’s far too much common ground between the respective stars for WB not to at least entertain the idea of having the duo lay the smack down on each other in the future, even if it doesn’t end up yielding a Man of Steel 2.