Mark Hamill Shares Hilarious Star Wars Day Message


It’s Star Wars Day, and social media is full of fans sharing the love for the legendary sci-fi universe this May 4th. However, it wouldn’t be right if Luke Skywalker himself didn’t celebrate the occasion, too. Yes, Mark Hamill is a regular presence on Twitter and he’s now offered up a hilarious response to the special day that’s totally on-brand for the Jedi icon.

Hamill shared a classic poster for A New Hope sporting the “May The Fourth Be With You” message, but his caption saw the actor getting reflective on his long career in Hollywood. “I’m beginning to accept the fact that I’ll probably never do another movie that gets its own day,” he wrote.

Hamill’s tongue-in-cheek post highlights how unique Star Wars is for effectively having its own holiday. That said, the trend for franchises to get days named after them has become more common, but only because Star Wars did it first. DC has made Batman Day into a thing over the past few years, for instance. In fact, seeing as Hamill has voiced the Joker for decades, including in animated films like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, he could lay claim to being in another movie that’s got its own day, after all.

As for whether he’ll ever feature in another Star Wars pic, it’s hard to say. We all thought he was done as Luke after The Rise of Skywalker, and then he returned, via de-aging tech, for a cameo at the end of The Mandalorian season 2. Seeing as he took Grogu with him, that suggested we’ll be seeing more of him in the future. However, it’s currently unclear whether someone else will play the role next time or if Hamill will indeed be back once again.

In any case, 2021’s Star Wars Day is one of the biggest we’ve ever had, with the series premiere of The Bad Batch debuting on Disney Plus, along with various other treats. Like the great man says, May the Fourth be with you.