Marvel Fan Suggests The Perfect Way To Introduce Deadpool Into The MCU


Ever since the Disney-Fox deal meant that Marvel Studios has gobbled up the X-Men franchise, there’s been a lot of speculation about how Deadpool would be folded into the MCU. It seems to be a fact that only Ryan Reynolds will keep his job of the Fox-Marvel crew, so how will Kevin Feige and company decide to unleash the Merc with a Mouth on their carefully-crafted shared universe?

Well, a recent report claimed that Marvel’s considering three ways: make Deadpool 3give him a Disney Plus series or drop him into Spider-Man 3 for a cameo. If the studio’s unsure about the best way to do it, though, one fan on Twitter has come up with a hilarious option. In response to an article on the topic, @Toadskii commented: “Introduce him playing Fortnite under the username NoobMaster69.”

This is, of course, a reference to the popular scene from Avengers: Endgame which sees the now washed-up Thor arguing over a headset with a kid while playing Fortnite. It’s previously been suggested that this is Loki, deliberately antagonizing his brother, but it also works with it being wily ol’ Wade Wilson as well.

All we know for sure about DP’s future in the MCU is what we’ve been told by those in charge. Feige has said he doesn’t want to change anything about the Deadpool movies, apparently including the fact that they’re R-rated. The MCU has yet to go more mature than PG-13, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has concurred that they’re open to R-rated Marvel films for Phase Four and beyond.

Following on from the report mentioned above, another source claims that Marvel’s probably going to continue on with Fox’s technique of keeping DP in his own movie series, meaning he won’t crossover into the mainstream franchise much. That’s bad news for anyone hoping for him to play Fortnite with Thor or maybe meet up with Spider-Man, but it probably is the best way to integrate Deadpool into his new home.