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Marvel fans berate the writing of ‘Morbius’ following its digital release

A whole new audience can now attack 'Morbius' as the Sony Marvel film has been released for streaming.

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Let’s face it, Morbius was decidedly not the best superhero film of the year. In fact, it appeared so generic and unimpressive in the build-up to its release that the usual Marvel fans avoided seeing it in theatres, an act that spawned a satirical Twitter thread about just how “jam-packed” the theatres are. Critics also disliked Morbius, agreeing that the film was mediocre at best, trashing the film in reviews which resulted in a 17% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Fans have been openly critical of the film as well, with doubts circulating before the film was even released. Now that Morbius has been released digitally they’re ripping into it even more. In a thread on Reddit, fans are specifically attacking the writing, finding countless flaws with the script and deriding the seeming lack of research done.

One Reddit user wrote quite a bit about just how much they think the writing sucks, honing in on the “science” behind bat attacks. The user opens up with an immediate joke about how the following information could hardly be considered a spoiler because you can’t spoil something that no one cares about.

Another user chimed in stating the obvious: since you have a character that is meant to be a scientist, the writers could have, you know, brought in some real scientists. They also lay into Jared Leto’s controversial acting style.

A lot of people felt that it was full of cliche and boring moments, with easy to predict endings.

This user compares it to a heavily edited television film, feeling like they lost precious time from their life.

A lot of Marvel fans have given Morbius a miss.

This user also gave up on the film due to its terrible writing and research.

While some people really like the movie for its “so bad it’s good” feel, such as this unnecessary line that is honestly in the movie, “to bats, its lethal. To humans, deadly.”

Given all the other offerings, Morbius is probably not going to be the Marvel film that everyone remembers from this year. In fact, it only takes one day to forget the mediocrity you just watched.

Now that Morbius is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu, you can go ahead and make up your own mind or simply enjoy it for the crazy it is.