Marvel Fans Freaking Out Over Today’s Deadpool 3 Announcement


The wild success of Joker has shown us once more that R-rated comic book movies are certainly a profitable business venture, with the trend continuing to carry on strong after the two films from the Deadpool franchise and Logan both earned big bucks and excellent reviews as well. Indeed, in an industry where a winning formula is quickly copied and then run into the ground, we expect a raft of adult-orientated superhero flicks to be coming down the pipeline now.

But when it comes to the Merc With a Mouth in particular, things are about to get pretty interesting. You see, despite the two installments grossing over $1.5 billion worldwide, the character is now officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is known to be a PG-13 franchise and not exactly somewhere that a foul-mouthed, fourth wall-breaking character can easily fit in.

Still, Marvel Studios certainly have plans to work Wade Wilson into the MCU and earlier today, Ryan Reynolds finally confirmed We Got This Covered’s scoop from back in October by announcing that Deadpool 3 is indeed in development at Marvel Studios. And understandably, the fans are freaking out.

Unfortunately, we still know next to nothing about the threequel, but reports have pointed to the film possibly exploring the character’s pansexuality while also perhaps introducing some of the rebooted X-Men, who’ll soon make their MCU debut. But whatever it is that the studio has planned, this will be unlike anything else they’ve ever produced.

Indeed, a Deadpool movie from Marvel Studios (and Disney) is an interesting prospect, but with all involved assuring us that the Merc’s usual R-rated nature will be retained, it seems we have nothing to worry about and can rest easy knowing that Wade Wilson has a very bright future ahead of him on the big screen.