Marvel Launches The Official Countdown To Avengers 4


As anyone who’s watched one of the recent talk show appearances from MCU cast members will know, promoting a film that you’re not actually allowed to say anything about can be tricky. But seeing how the public’s anticipation for Avengers 4 is already at insane levels, perhaps a simple countdown clock is all the marketing that this sequel needs for the time being.

The feature appeared just recently on the “Avengers: Untitled” page of, and given how obsessive MCU fans can get, you just know that there are people who’ll be staring at this thing all day until Marvel Studios releases some real promotional material. Still, the fact that this clock has now been set up could perhaps be taken as sign that the marketing team is readying us for some developments.

In fact, it’s quite possible that this will be the month in which the studio drops two of its biggest pre-release reveals, those being the first trailer and the film’s official title. Now those are two events that a lot of fans wouldn’t mind having a countdown clock for.

As it stands, it’s unclear when the first teaser will drop, though the rumors and reports would place this date somewhere in the second half of November. When it does arrive, there’s a chance that it’ll be coming at the same time as the title reveal, at which point, we’ll finally learn if Avengers: Annihilation is the internet’s most popular guess for a reason.

Though Marvel Studios will have to start promoting Avengers 4 properly sooner or later, there are plenty of fans who won’t need any further encourage to be counting down the days until the film’s release on May 3rd, 2019.