Marvel’s Reportedly Agreed To Tobey Maguire’s Request For More Money For Spider-Man 3


Ever since Jamie Foxx was announced to be returning as Electro in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man 3, thus signalling that a live-action Spider-Verse was imminent, fans have been patiently waiting for official confirmation that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have signed on the dotted line, because at this point, they’ll be furious if it doesn’t happen.

Jon Watts has been busy shooting the third installment in the web-slinging series for three months, but so far, any major new additions have been kept under wraps, which has in turn led to almost every significant player from any Spidey movie being linked with a return. Though given the size and scale of the project, producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal will have no doubt covered every angle before giving the crew the green light to start filming.

However, insider Daniel Richtman has recently claimed that not only was Maguire demanding $15 million to return as Sam Raimi’s version of Peter Parker, but the actor was allegedly proving difficult during his negotiations. Now, though, he’s reported that the 46 year-old is set to get his wish, with Marvel (and Sony) acquiescing to his requests for a hefty payday, which again only invites more questions.

As the most successful Hollywood studio of the modern era, it seems odd that Marvel would allow cameras to start rolling on Spider-Man 3 without the cast being tied down. After all, Feige lays out his plans for the franchise years in advance, so he’ll have been fully aware for a long time that he needed Maguire for the movie to work. That being said, perhaps the actor only has a very small part, one that could be written out or given to another character if they weren’t able to get him on board?

In any case, it seems that he’s all but confirmed now and presumably, an official announcement won’t be too far off.