Marvel Rumored To Want Multiple Deadpools In The MCU


Marvel Studios should really be considering offering us an official update on the status of Deadpool, because few comic book movies in recent memory have been the subject of so much rumor and speculation as the Merc with a Mouth’s impending introduction into the studio’s shared cinematic universe.

Deadpool 3 is in active development, which is about all we know so far. Apart from that, there’s been no word from either Kevin Feige or Ryan Reynolds about when we can actually expect to see it on the big screen, although it seems quite a while away given the leading man’s packed upcoming schedule and Marvel having Phase Four mapped out until at least the end of 2022.

The fourth wall-breaking superhero has been linked to virtually every MCU project in development, of course, as well as some that are still years away from entering production, and the latest report from insider Daniel Richtman claims that Marvel might even be planning on introducing more than one version of the character.

According to the tipster, one of the concepts being discussed is using the multiverse to bring multiple Deadpools into the mix, and possibly even having an entire Deadpool-verse. Of course, longtime comic book readers will know that there have been countless variations of the fan favorite over the years, but this sounds like it could be overkill if not handled properly.

In any case, here’s what Richtman had to say about it:

“Tag this one under RUMOR, I heard not from a grid but [it’s] interesting so I am sharing as I thought you’d like to know. As part of the multiverse stuff, they want to have multiple Deadpools.”

If you ask us, the focus should be on handling the R-rated assassin’s potentially tricky entry into the MCU first and foremost, and only when he’s been fully established should the studio be looking to broaden their horizons. Then again, maybe they just want their money’s worth if they are indeed planning to offer Ryan Reynolds the most lucrative contract in the franchise’s history to stick around as Deadpool for the long haul.