Matt Donato’s 7 Runner-Up Horror Films For The Best Of 2015


Over the last few years, I’ve rocked out a Top 13 and Bottom 13 for the horror genre here at We Got This Covered. My thought process was simple – recommend the horror films you shouldn’t miss, and the worst duds you should avoid. But there’s just too much hate in the world today and we need more positivity! We, nay – I need a change. So, instead of pumping out a generically snarky “Worst Of Horror” list for y’all this year, I’ll just recommend a few more horror flicks that DEFINITELY deserve your attention, even if they didn’t make my top-tier cut.

There are still a good amount of films I’d love to have included here. For example, Insidious: Chapter 3 saw Leigh Whannell achieve success through his own unique vision, and while we’re on the topic of Whannell, Cooties would be #21 if this list kept going.


Movies like Zombeavers and Wolfcop deserve shout-outs for being goofy genre explorations into the absurd, while The Midnight Swim provided whimsical creeps through a sisterly bond. Avenged resurrects a strong female revenge story, Suburban Gothic shows why Richard Bates Jr. is a filmmaker who should be on EVERYONE’S must-watch list, and A Christmas Horror Story brings us another holiday massacre when the season calls for it.

So you’ve already read my Best 13 Horror Films of 2015 by this point (right?), and now you’re ready to see what just missed the cut. Let’s take a look then, shall we?